Rob Eaton
Rob Eaton

Extensive Experience

Skematic President, Rob Eaton, is a decorated retired Army Aviation Warrant Officer with over 2 decades of experience in Operations, Information Management, Personnel, and Planning.  He has served as a Rotary Wing Aviator, US Army SERE School Trainer & Developer, Operations Manager, General Manager, Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  He has a wealth of experience in the Military Contracting, Lumber & Building Materials, Construction, and Manufacturing industries.  He has an extensive network of professional associates in Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Human Resources to assist with large scale projects.

Legitimate Skills

Rob has been instrumental in or personally led many strategic initiatives in the Military and Civilian sectors, including:

  • Development of Strategic Plans and Execution Frameworks for multiple mid-sized businesses.
  • Migration of multiple ERP or Inventory Management Software Systems.
  • Development of multiple custom software suites for small to medium sized business.
  • Execution of inventory reduction initiatives that produced $500k+ reductions for two mid-sized businesses, freeing up over $40k in cash flow.
  • Execution of growth and retrenchment strategies in economic boom/bust cycles.
  • Creation of an entirely new type of military training unit that reduced personnel turnover by 26%.

Free Consultation

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